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What Is This All About?

Welcome to the cyber home of the worlds favorite Keeper of the Privies, Odorferious ThunderBottom. The purpose of this page is to acquaint you with Odorferious, to share with you the various things he does during a faire day, and what he could do to make your renaissance faire that much more fun.

Please note that the pictures and videos that you will see on this page, are the products of fans that have visited Odorferious, and have recorded those visits for their future enjoyment. In most cases, they have not been professionally produced.

Who Is Odorferious ThunderBottom?

My name is Steven Fassl. Odorferious ThunderBottom, his alter ego “Dumpling”, his alter profession of “pickle seller”, all his props, and 97.638% of all his jokes, originated in the caverns of my goofy little brain. It was in the spring of 1995 that a good friend of mine was sharing occupations that existed during the English renaissance period, that could be used to inhabit the streets of “The Bristol Renaissance Faire”, which was then, and still is, my renaissance faire home. When he mentioned “privy cleaner”, my immediate thought was, “Renaissance toilet jokes. I can do that!” And Odorferious ThunderBottom was born.

Not long after that, I was attending a craft show when I came upon a hand made wooden potty chair that was built in the shape of a small throne. Suddenly, my brain resurrected a moment in time when I entered a public restroom just in time to see this big ol' rat sticking it’s head out of a toilet. As I continued to look at that potty chair, the head of the rat slowly turned into the head of none other than Odorferious Thunderbottom. Not long after that a much larger version of this potty chair was created, with wheels added to make it portable. ThunderThrone has been cruising the streets of renaissance fairs ever since, allowing Odorferious ThunderBottom to go to people on the go, so they can go.

Odorferious ThunderBottom is "the Keeper of the Privies", at whatever faire he is appearing at. He spends the majority of his day, sitting inside ThunderThrone, talking incessantly about nothing to any and all unsuspecting patrons as they pass by. While his "bit bag" is filled with tried and true bits that he has used over the years, improvisational interaction is his strength, as he will do what he can to draw his visitors into his goofy little world, encouraging them to enjoy the spirit of the faire. Children especially love Odorferious, and place him at the top of their list of entertainers to visit at the faire. He loves children, and always has time for them. A tradition he began several years ago, is giving each child that visits him a "magic stone" (glass gem), in the shape of a moon, or a fish, or a star, etc. Children have collected them over the years, and parents have shared with him how much they treasure them.

Who Doesn't Like Dumpling?

Several years ago I developed a character that I have come to use as a means of giving my voice a rest (I can be loud at times), without removing myself from performing on the street. His name is "Dumpling", and he is a mute. Besides giving my voice a rest, I have found it challenging and enjoyable to communicate non-verbally, encouraging visitors to our alternate universe to smile, laugh, and dance without his uttering a sound.

There's Nothing Like a ThunderPickle!

At Bristol, I focus on playing a street character, but at other faires, particularly weekend faires, I have combined my street persona with that of a pickle vender. “ThunderPickles, the pickle that makes your belly quake forth with great joy. God’s goodness rolled up into a crunchy, green shell. STILL, only one dollar!” This has proven to be a very successful enterprise. Not only am I vending, but I am still performing in the street.

But WAIT! There’s MORE!

I come from a very talented family, that consists of more than one performer. My "little" brother Julius, spent several years of his life touring professionally with a rock band. One day he felt the need to join his "older" brother in his renaissance faire adventures. Julius plays the part of my identical half-twin brother, “Loxen Bagel”, (Same father, different mothers. Dad was busy that day), and will periodically accompany me to sell pickles, add fun to the streets, and perform a family friendly stage show which includes music, silliness, stories, and audience participation.

Want To See Odorferious In Action?

The following videos were NOT produced professionally. They were taken by patrons. They will give you a good idea of what I do during an average day at the Bristol Renaissance Faire. Approximately 30 minutes prior to opening, a crowd will begin to develop just outside the front gate. My pre-show includes audience participation, and is meant to get that first group of visitors charged up with enthusiastic excitement for what they are going to experience when they journey into our 16th Century world. At several other faires, I have adapted this show to be performed on stage, throughout the day.

Start your faire day early and experience the love with Odorferious and friends.

Ever dream of being paid to sit around all day, and just be silly? I figured out a way to do just that. Once the pre-show ends, I head to ThunderThrone, my mini-stage, of sorts. I love the opportunity to perform this character. I will sit there for most of the day, sometimes never taking a break. I've even worked my lunch into the show. If it rains, no problem; I'm protected by a huge umbrella. A word about content. While my character seems to scream "tasteless humor", most of my material has little or nothing to do with "toilet humor". I am very sensitive to those I am entertaining, especially children. I take that cliche', "It's a family show, not a show to make a family", very seriously.

Make sure you spend part of your day with the faires only talking head!

Odorferious sees everyone as special. Many of his visitors are excited, and outgoing, and ready to play. They understand just how special they are. Others can be a bit more laid back, and standoffish, and shy. They don't feel very special at all. But Odorferious knows just how special they are. He believes that shyness is not a disease. It comes from not knowing a lot of people, and he can help them with that. For example, if they're celebrating their birthday at faire...

...Odorferious will be more than happy to let everyone know about it.

Odorferious, His Friends, and His Pickles Will Travel!

Thank you for visiting The Privy Council. I hope you are interested in what I have to offer your faire. Whether you are interested in a street performer, or a stage performer, or a pickle vendor, or a combination of all three, I would love to discuss the possibilities with you. You can email me at: [email protected], or message me on Facebook by clicking on the following link: I look forward to hearing from you.

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